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anyone in Tbilisi

I've been trawling LJ in search of Tbilisi-based livejournal users! I'm a half-American, half-Italian girl, working as a freelance writer and a student of Byzantine theology, living between Oxford, England, and Tbilisi. I adore the city and I'd love to add other Tbilisi-based LJ users, if you're out there...

Old Tbilisi

შაბათს მეგობარს უნდა შევხვედროდი აბანოთუბანში, და იქამდე ფეხით ჩასეირნება გადავწყვიტე...
გზად საინტერესო ხედები ვნახე.
მკაცრად ნუ განსჯით, მობილურითაა გადაღებული

ბეთლემის კლდისუბნის აბრა. აქვე რუქაცაა.... ისე კი მთელი უბანი რესტავრაციას საჭიროებს.

ეს ერთერთი ყველაზე ლამაზი აივანია, ვიტრაჟებით.
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Боря гадает!

Нашел гадалку с попугаем возле Базара, и не знал что такие еще ходят у нас. За 20 тетри Боря отрыл мне мою судьбу!

На гадание было написано: „Виидешь за того, о ком сейчас думаешь.“

Бедный Боря, не ожидал, что придется гадать мужчине!:D



Language barriers?

As a typical English person who does not know any other languages, how will this be in Georgia? How widespread are English speakers - is it more likely that young people can speak it? Obviously we will learn some important words to speak but the alphabet is so different, I am a bit worried that we will never be able to read signs, menus etc. I can read the Russian Cyrillic alphabet - will this help at all? Thankyou for any advice :-)

Jan. 23rd, 2009

Thankyou highlander for setting up this journal - I am finally visiting Georgia in March/April, after many years of wishing to, and am very pleased to find this!

Is the Georgian Military Highway OK for travellers now? I'd quite like to visit Kazbegi (if the weather is not too bad at this time) but if there is going to be an issue with its proximity to the Russian border it would be good to know in advance. Thankyou for any help!

Khornabuji Castle


Khornabuji Castle also known as Tamara's castle, In Dedoplistskaro district was built on edge of Gombori range on rocks masive aproximatly at end of I millenium BC. It controls enterences to Alazani and Ivri valleys. Near caste there is site of ancient settelment, which was described by known greek historical Strabon. 
In V century, during times of Vakhtang Gorgasali, Khornabuji was one of the bigest cities in Kakheti region.
In XIII centuri Qween Tamara rebuilded castle and city of Khornabuji was playing very important role in that district.
City was ruined and became decert in XVII century, when Shah Abas ravaged Kakheti and ruined many of it's cities and resetteles more than 100 000 local people to Iran.
Last time castle was rebuilded by king Erekle II, but city life never was renewed.
Near Caste id located town Signagi, which is one of the most visited by tourists towns in Kakheti and Town Dedoplistskaro. From Dedoplistskaro to Khornabuji leads rtouristical trail, which it 4 km lenth. 
Castle today is located on territory of Vashlonvani National Park.
From top of castle is very good view on almost all Alazani and Ivri valleys and Caucasus range.
Visit of Khornabuji can be combined with vine tours in south Kakheti region and with Signagi trip.


 This community is for everyone who is interested to visit Georgia and learn more about it's traditions, culture and lifestyle.
Past months Georgia frequently was in news headlines, but actualy it is quite safe country with many interesting places to visit in winter and in summer.
Everybody is welcomed here to ask any questions and share experience!